A new addiction

By sungazer on 2013.06.09 In Island life

There is something about island life that is extremely appealing to me. Maybe because I live quite far from the ocean, which I love. So the idea of being surrounded by the ocean, especially tropical waters, is the ultimate for me! So great was the excitement when we were setting off to Mauritius for a two week holiday. And it was there that I got addicted to snorkeling!

We stayed with friends that lived in the north eastern part of the island, in a small village called Roches Noirs.

Closest beach from where we stayed and also on a bus route, which are almost never on time

Closest beach from where we stayed and also on a bus route, which doesn’t mean much – almost never on time


Years ago sugarcane was the main income for the island. Today many sugar mills are abandoned and machinery took over most of the jobs. Many people had to find a new way to earn a living.


Casuarina trees were introduced in Mauritius in 1778, and later on planted all along the coast line because of their high salt tolerance and as part of a tree and water conservation system. Locals set up camp underneath them over weekends and public holidays.


Late afternoon snorkel excursion – waves breaking on the reef on horison


A day trip to Ile aux Cerf was one of our highlights. Here the kids are enjoying the shallow water between two islands.


Just off the island is an anchored floating raft, from where you can do parasailing – this was so much fun!!


Snorkeling became a real addiction – I just couldn’t get enough of the wonders of the ocean


Poverty is very real for many. This shop is a familiar sight in many villages.


Our next excursion was to one of the small island just north of Mauritius. This was the

view looking back on the mountains in central Mauritius.


Going past Gunner’s Quoin


Enjoying Gabriel Island,
while they’re preparing lunch on the catamaran


Lunch served on the boat with this lovely view – Mauritius in the distance


3-in-1: Skippers, cooks & entertainers.
Unfortunately sound is not great, but this is the music they played for us Sega live


This little beach was also a highlight with its sand as soft and fine as flour

We were sad to leave after two weeks, but little did we know that this was only the beginning of our Mauritius adventure. In my next post I will tell you more about mixing with the locals.

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